The Arbiters of Sol

Ok, here we go!

I’m going to hit the ground with feet running, not that I assume that anyone will ever read this, but I’m sure by the end I will have about three worn out Black n’ Red’s by the time its all finished. The more I think about this campaign the more I’ll get the voices and language down (like “Weavers” and “Unravelers” and “Un-beasts”). However the more I think about it the more the daunting the task seems to become. Hoo-boy I’ve got my work cut out for me.

So anyone reading this will know the game is running through Act 2 at the moment. If I ever describe it here it will be using the following characters:

  • Farin Keth – Human Rogue/Healer played by the GM
  • Lieutenant Arcanth D’Altrin – Spellscale Bard from the Army of Asoryan
  • Bela Contrista – Elan Egoist/Shadow Mind, a nobleman from The Forgotten House of Peloria
  • Geldias – Half-Giant Psychic Warrior, former slave and bodyguard to Count Linus Verdala
  • Rhodimus Zhok – Xeph Soulknife, a long wandering sellsword

I will try to put down everything that occurs in game, not just for other but to simply remind myself and make correction later for the wiki so others may run it if they so wish.


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